“The Best Vancouver” Award for Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver for Bay Wellness Centre

“The Best Vancouver” Award for Best Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver.

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Recently, the “Best in Vancouver” guide selected Bay Wellness Centre in downtown Vancouver as one of the Best Naturopathic Clinics in Vancouver Award. The organization does extensive consumer research on behalf of the public to find the “best of” in products and services delivered in a variety of categories to consumers in our region.

Bay Wellness Centre emerged as a top choice in their process that includes comparing spec sheets, evaluating prices, testing products, and checking out user testimonials.

In announcing the Centre’s place, the awards committee wrote:

“Bay Wellness Centre is among the few woman-run centres in the heart of Vancouver. Don’t be too surprised if you run into either one of its two owners, Megan Maycher and Annie Savage, as they’re also the shop’s primary physicians. 

They both met at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe a couple of years ago. They’ve been working towards bridging the gap for women’s health in healthcare ever since.

Countless regulars and former clients we’ve spoken to all say the same thing about Dr. Maycher and Dr. Savage—professional, understanding, and kind. If they’ve ever offended a patient, we’ve yet to hear about it.”

Bay Wellness focuses on women’s health, stress management, weight loss, and hormone balancing.

When we reviewed their products, we found they also offer a lot of treatments, including pain management, skincare, and medical aesthetics. But they don’t seem to offer any type of counselling or therapy services other than Nutrient IV Therapy, unlike other naturopathic clinics in Vancouver.

One particular treatment we found unique from other shops within downtown Vancouver was Prolotherapy, which is a treatment for osteoarthritis and chronic pain conditions.”

Bay Wellness Centre Patients Share In Our Best Naturopathic Doctor Award 

Their post went on to mention sharing our Clinic space with Bay Dental, the products we offer in our online shop to support our patients’ health journey and to ease various aspects of their life. We are also proud of the kind mentions about our welcoming and accommodating staff.

We are grateful to our clients whose comments appeared in the “Customer Reviews” section and the excellent ratings they gave us. Together, they represent aspects of care we strive to deliver to our patients as part of our service, and their experience at our clinic. For the full article on naturopathic clinics in Vancouver click here.

The publication does extensive research on the services they evaluate. Find guidelines they follow on their page explaining their process and reputation. Here’s why you can trust us.

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