Naturopathic ND Vancouver Downtown Accepts Extended Health Benefits

Extended Health Benefits

At Bay Wellness Centre, we are able to accept and direct-bill some extended medical benefit companies.

When you come in for your consultation and pay for your service, the invoice that you receive has the naturopathic physicians license number on it. This way, you can use your extended benefit service website or app to input the information and get reimbursed.

For some extended benefits companies we are able to direct bill for you. This means that we can bill the extended benefits insurance company for your service fee. If there is a difference between the total of your bill, and your insurance coverage, you will be expected to pay the difference before leaving.

Direct Bill Extended Benefit Companies

What To Know Before Using Your Extended Health Benefits

What you should know before you go to use your extended health benefits:

  • Your annual maximum
  • Your per-visit-maximum (some companies offer 80% coverage per visit, while some offer $35 coverage per visit)
  • Any limitations for use of your extended health benefits (i.e. lab fees, procedure fees, supplementation fees)

Please note that in almost all cases, ONLY the consultation fee is available for reimbursement. If you have a procedure done, you may be reimbursed for the consultation portion but not the procedure fee.