About Vancouver Naturopathic Doctors – Dr Megan Maycher and Dr Annie Savage

Vancouver Naturopathic Doctors Dr Megan and Dr Annie

Vancouver Naturopathic doctors, Megan Maycher and Annie Savage, are the primary physicians of Bay Wellness Centre, working along side Bay Dental. Bay Wellness Centre is located in Downtown Vancouver; it focuses on women’s health, hormone balancing, weight loss and stress management. Other areas of treatment are skincare, medical aesthetics and pain management.

Treatments and procedures done at Bay Wellness Centre are always done with specific care, and updated training and research as it becomes available.

Megan and Annie met at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ.

They formed a strong friendship and discovered both shared a passion for health and a common vision for their contribution to the community of naturopathic medicine and women’s health.

Megan and Annie continue to work towards bridging the gap for women’s health in healthcare.