Trigger Point Therapy is a treatment used to treat chronic muscular pain. Triggers points are focal areas of spasm and inflammation, often a palpable nodule in the muscle, more commonly known as a “muscle knot”, that when pressed into, cause a radiation of pain to other parts of the body.

A trigger point solution of 10-15% Dextrose plus an anesthetic, and sometimes vitamins or minerals is injected into the trigger point of the muscle. The aggravation of the injection solution causes the muscle to relax, reducing the symptoms of muscle pain and tightness.  What to expect for the treatment is similar to prolotherapy injections of the joints, in that it requires 3-6 procedures for optimal results, but number of sessions may varies depending on the body’s ability to heal.

Trigger point therapy is best paired with exercises to reduce the recurrence of the trigger points.

What to expect…

  • Minimal pain at the injection site
  • Muscle soreness or tenderness after the injection that resolves over the following 24-48 hrs
  • Minimal bruising is possible at the injection site

An alternative to treating trigger points with injections, is using IMS, or intra-muscular stimulation. This procedure causes the muscle to relax and release the spasm with the insertion of an acupuncture needle. In this case, there is no solution being injected into the muscle and it is the needle stimulation which causes the release of the muscle.