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Use Your Extended Health Benefits to Boost Health and Wellness

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Does it feel like it’s the end of the year to you when we hit September? Maybe it’s because my birthday arrives early in September so it feels like that to me. Or, maybe it feels like that to all of us after all those years of back to school time and planning our lives around the school calendar versus our calendar year! No matter why, when fall arrives it just feels like we’re hurtling quickly to the end of the year.  

So now is a fantastic time to plan for the end of the year. Include your health and wellness goals that you want to hit by the end of 2022 and we want to remind you that your extended benefits do expire, they don’t roll over. Why not put them to good use before the end of the year and let them help you to achieve your health goals.   

Hi, I’m Dr. Annie Savage. I’m one of the naturopathic doctors at Bay Wellness Centre located in downtown Vancouver. We offer in person and telemedicine visits. At this time, we often talk about extended health benefits, how you can use them and when they expire. We do want to remind you that they generally expire at the end of December. Life tends to get so busy in the fall. We’re all going back to work back to school, and for many of us the season also means getting our healthy routines back in place after a super fun summer.  

These times are also known to be cold and flu season though, so you may need a little more support for your body to hit those health and wellness goals. The fall quickly leads us right into the holiday season, which is always so fun and so busy. But remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to make your own health a priority so that you can be there for your friends and family and participate fully.   

Let’s help you achieve your health goals by the end of 2022!  

Use your extended benefits. You’ve paid into them all year and they will expire. So take advantage of those benefits and use them before the end of the year. 

Alright. Ready to take your next step? That would be a first visit to get support you’ll want to meet your health and wellness goals. 

What to expect at your first patient visit at Bay Wellness Centre 

First, book yourself in for a new patient appointment with one of the naturopathic doctors at Bay Wellness. You can do that online here or call us directly at 604-569-0099. 

First visits with our naturopathic doctors are one hour long.  

  • Expect to receive an online link with some paperwork. We would love for you to fill it out because your care starts well before we meet. 
  • We always go through your paperwork before you come to us so we have a better idea of what you need help with. We prepare before we actually meet with any research we think will help, on whatever we need to discuss with you. 
  • In that hour dedicated to your care, we pay close attention. We are going to talk a lot, ask you a lot of questions, review your health history and we’re going to be going over your current symptoms, conditions and issues that you’re having currently.  
  • Of course we want to know your goals. We’ll want to know what our big achievement will be at the end of working together and how we can help make you feel your best.  
  • We will also go over all of our options in case we need to do some testing. There are several options with the type of testing we can do and whether it’s local or if we actually send the samples off to another trusted lab.  The options and alternatives at the time are all discussed with you.  

And then we create your treatment plan.  

Primarily, in our office we work with a lot of women so we help to achieve goals of weight loss, stress management, balancing hormones and addressing symptoms so that you don’t have those symptoms anymore. That means symptoms with your period, infertility, peri-menopause and menopause. Our patients also come to us to treat a lot of skin conditions as well like acne, eczema and psoriasis.  

I mentioned we treat primarily women but we do see men as well. So Book a consultation online here and come in for your first appointment. 

Other health services Vancouver’s downtown naturopaths at Bay Wellness offer  

If you’re curious about some other services that we provide, you may find these of interest and effective for your health goals/needs: 

IV Therapy  

This is an adjunct therapy that is a part of treatment plans. So we use nutrient therapy when we need to correct nutrient deficiencies primarily. We also use them to support our immune system to help us get over illness faster. We use IV Therapies in stress management as well.  

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and joint PRP injection therapy  

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a part of your blood that contains growth factors and proteins. The therapy stimulates the regeneration of soft tissues, builds collagen, therefore reducing the look of fine lines, wrinkles and scars, and improving the quality of the skin. 

This procedure is personalized to your specific aesthetic concerns. Injections can be done all over the face to improve the look of the skin, fine lines, wrinkles and scars but it can also be done on the neck, décolletage, and hands, etc. 

We also do some injection therapies at Bay Wellness. So PRP is platelet rich plasma and we use this type of injection in our aesthetic services for anti-aging but we also use it in pain management and sports medicine. (See the full treatment and services page here)   

When we talk about platelet rich plasma, we are actually talking about your own blood. We draw your blood from you and process it to separate the layers. We use the platelet rich layer as it is rich in proteins and growth factors that help stimulate your body’s healing process. So we use it in aesthetics in anti-aging, meaning we inject it into the face, the neck, the chest, anywhere that we are trying to prevent the appearance of aging.  

We can also use it in sports medicine or pain management type therapies such as joint injections.  

We can also pair the PRP facials so that aesthetic service with our micro pen to hit every layer of the skin and promote as much collagen growth as we can.  


Prolotherapy is another injection treatment that we use for pain management and helping to heal up joints. It is a solution that is an irritant to upset the tissue that we’re trying to treat to stimulate your body’s own healing ability.  

So it’s a very localized and specific treatment to cause a little bit of local inflammation and begin that healing cascade. This is how we can help tighten up joints. So tendons and ligaments that become weak or lax and need a little more support around that joint. (Full treatment and services found here)  

The safe and quick mode of action is popular with our patients whether athletes eager to be back on their feet or women and men active in community life, their studies, families and work roles.  

Schedule your in-person or telemedicine visit and don’t lose the benefits there to support your overall wellness! Help yourself to the reward of energy, vitality and more time that results from making your health a priority.   

We’re excited to see you. 

Let’s make health your priority. 

Book a consultation and we would be happy to go through everything with you and find the best solution for you on your health journey. 

If you’re ready to discover how the four pillars approach can improve your health, book with us, today. You’ll find a convenient booking link below or you can call us directly or email us. 

At Bay Wellness Centre we provide personalized nutrition and hormone plans and detoxification plans for you so that we can address all of your health concerns in a step-by-step fashion. 

In the Four-Pillar Health Series, we address each pillar of health on its own. You’ll get the information that will help you determine the next steps you can begin on your own and also see the larger picture balanced on the four pillars your health is dependent on. 

Get our free Ultimate Guide to Managing Menopausal Hormone Imbalances by visiting the Bay Wellness Centre website. You may also like the blogs we have for you and that our patients have told us they love for the reliable information on topics of interest to them. 

Ready to make wellness your priority? 

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