Habits for Health & Bay Wellness Holiday Stress Busters

Habits for Health & Bay Wellness Holiday Stress Busters

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The countdown is on to those hectic holiday weeks and we want to help you get the most happy you can out of your holidays. We’re talking about calling on the power of your habits. This is going to be your greatest asset. The power of your habits can help you step-by-step get to those health goals and help you feel the most vital, the most energy that you can, especially through this holiday season. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget about another resource that is available to you – your extended health benefits. 

Most of those extended health benefits will expire at the end of the year. So definitely do use them within this season and before they expire, December 31. 

Hi, I’m Dr Annie Savage. I’m one of the naturopathic doctors here at Bay Wellness Centre. We are located in downtown Vancouver and we are currently offering both in person appointments as well as telemedicine visits.  

In our last post, we talked all about stress, your stress hormone cortisol specifically and how stress can affect you. We looked at how stress can deplete your energy, affect your fertility and your ability to interact with your friends and family in a nice and kind way. Check out the full post and help yourself to great tips to get you through the holidays with more joy and less stress. 

Habits help you to better health and wellness  

Habits for Health & Bay Wellness Holiday Stress Busters


Today, we’re talking all about habits. You’ve probably already figured out that despite our best intentions, our new habits are quite difficult to form. This is because we work mostly on autopilot throughout our days. We do a lot of things without thinking. So when we want to create new habits, it does take that extra mental energy to change the behaviors that we are used to.  

At the Wellness Centre, we work very closely with you to help you change and develop those new habits. We want to give you a step-by-step, easy to follow and guided plan so that you never feel like you’re lost or alone. (Scroll down for popular tips that help you prepare for and enjoy holidays with far less stress) 

Your process to progress at Vancouver’s Bay Wellness Centre 

The way that we do this is by having an initial appointment with you. In our hour long meeting we can get all sorts of information from you. We want to know what’s going on with you. The symptoms that you’re currently dealing with and your whole health history and your family history is what we listen for. We also ask you questions about your previous medical history as well as diagnoses, and any blood work that you’ve had done recently. We take all of these things into account as well as your job, your exercise levels, your stress levels, how you’re sleeping at night and from this all we put together a plan with you so that you feel like you’re in control of your health.  

What habits do you find that you need the most help with?  

Is it your sleep routine? Are you taking a very long time to fall asleep or waking up throughout the night? 

Is it your exercise routine? Do you find that you don’t exercise at all or that you do exercise very much on a program or a plan and then you fall off the wagon?  

What about your diet habits? Do you need some help with figuring out what exactly is the best option for you? When is the best time of day to eat? What is the best diet for you?  

Good health and all these things can be difficult to figure out because there are so many factors within each of them. 

We can help you determine what’s best for you and give you a step-by-step guided plan so that we can achieve your health goals together. For now we have one valuable strategy to share that you that can help you right away with your holiday invitations! You can reduce stress around the holidays as it pertains to your diet by having healthy snacks before you actually go out. That way you have some healthy food in your stomach before you get to that party and so you don’t overindulge on those desserts and those treats. Reach out for support now. We are booking up for the end of the year. So use those extended benefits before they expire. Together, we can help you get a plan in place for your mental health, your well-being, as well as your physical health. 

Let’s make health your priority 

Book a consultation and we would be happy to go through everything with you and find the best solution for you on your health journey.  

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At Bay Wellness Centre we provide personalized nutrition and hormone plans and detoxification plans for you so that we can address all of your health concerns in a step-by-step fashion.  

In the Four-Pillar Health Series, we address each pillar of health on its own. You’ll get the information that will help you determine the next steps you can begin on your own and also see the larger picture balanced on the four pillars your health is dependent on.  

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Bust that Stress with Bay Wellness Centre’s Ultimate Holiday Stress Buster Tip: Continued 

This holiday blog post is a bonus that continues from last month’s Holiday Stress Buster and self-care checklist (click here to read it) 

So! You’ve set the gift giving and event plans in motion – now what? 

Time off work and away from the ol’ routine and double helpings of holiday cheer, joy and relaxation, right? To help you navigate it all with less stress, here’s more of the stress buster tips you asked for. Some may be new to you and some you know and need a firm but friendly nudge to remember to call on this holiday season.  

These tips will support you emotionally and energetically. 

Agree to…… Accept Differences 

Stress can come from being alone at the holidays. It can also stem from too much togetherness – and familiarity. Yes, the very things that make us feel like family or that we hope for in community can stress us.  

Might be best to lighten up on expectations – of the circumstance and the people in it. If you’ve got a situation that ruffles your feathers like grievances, set them aside and fine another, better time to discuss them.  

‘Peace on earth and good will to men’ can start right in your home or workplace with compassion for all. Holiday stress affects everyone. Understanding this and the differences in how people express it, helps, right?  

Anticipation can help. It naturally leads to planning ahead, and looking ahead can reduce stress by preparing you for emotions as well as events that will unfold as part of the season.   

Plan Ahead 

Isn’t it amazing that a calendar can both count down the days to the holidays, and also bring down the holiday stress? 

Can you set aside specific days where you will shop? Cook and bake? Make time for friends and other seasonal and ongoing household activity?  

How can you plan your menu ahead and get a proper shopping list together, know what gifts you want to buy in person or online. These are just two examples of how to lessen that last minute hustle and stress. And don’t forget organizing the clean-up crew to help get that done! 

Now for your PRO TIP and the theme of this month’s blog post: 

Don’t Abandon Your Healthy Habits  

No use allowing the holidays to become an endless buffet of overindulgence that you know will only add to your stress and yes, your guilt. You’ve worked too hard on your health and improved vitality and care for yourself to just go into a free for all without any thought.  

Support is just a call away and it’s always a good time to get help with your habits (see the post right above this list!!) Why not do it with the help of your extended benefits before they expire.  

Carry on with the list of all things nice, and minimize the naughty this holiday season to get more joy and peace of mind.  

Happy Holidays to you from the doctors at Bay Wellness Centre