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Our Story: Naturopathic medicine and Dentistry

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Our Story


Have you ever wondered why we have naturopaths and dentists in the same office?


We are in a very unique position where we are able to offer general dental services, as well as naturopathic medical services and chiropractic services.


How It All Started…


Dr. David Maycher, DMD, is Dr. Megan Maycher’s, ND, father. When David decided to move his existing dental practice from the Bay (in the Pacific Centre) in 2014, over to our current location (555 W Georgia), he was able to save space for Megan and her soon-to-be-naturopathic-practice.


When Dr. Megan graduated naturopathic medical school in 2016, she was set to move back up to Vancouver and bring Dr. Annie Savage, ND, along with her for the ride. With the space ready to be turned into a functioning practice, the two ND’s designed their office and began the build-out procedure while they finished their board exams and licensing process. The Bay Wellness Centre was then open for naturopathic care beginning in February 2017.


How It’s Going…


Today, the naturopathic and dental practices share the foyer, front desk and office hours, employing Raj and Adrienne as the receptionists.


Dr. David Maycher has reduced practicing hours at the clinic but still sees patients Monday and Tuesday mornings. Dr. Jackie Romeyn, DMD joined on full time in 2020 and continues to build her patient base, under the mentorship of Dr. Maycher, DMD.


The hygienists employed at Bay Dental Centre undergo advanced clinical training, practicing precision medicine under the tutelage of Gabriele Maycher at Gem Dental Experts.


Our vision at Bay Dental and Wellness Centre is to achieve true health and happiness with our patients. We believe in treating the body as a whole, so if your dental hygienist notices a lot of inflammation in your gums, she may recommend that you see a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, health coach or other healthcare practitioner to address your overall healthcare needs in order to obtain optimal health of your gums.


Dr. Marcia Halajeski, DC, also joined the Bay Wellness team in 2018. Dr. Marcia has two practice locations, and is at Bay Wellness Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Dr. Marcia specializes in TMJ pain and general chiropractic care.


What We Think…


At Bay Wellness and Dental Centre we want to work with our patients to help them achieve their optimal health (in their mouths, and total body).


Ideally we have cross-over between all of the practices operating out of Bay Wellness so that we can serve our patients, and provide the best treatments possible.

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