21-Day-Cleanse at Bay Wellness Centre to Rest-Reset-Energize

21-Day-Cleanse at Bay Wellness Centre to Rest-Reset-Energize

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It’s that time of year! We’re entering fall and it’s the perfect time to reset our healthy patterns and healthy routines. I hope you’ve all had an amazing summer filled with sun, time out with your friends and lots of fun. Now it’s time to slow down, rest, recover and restart those healthy routines.

Hi, I’m Dr Annie Savage. I’m one of the naturopathic doctors at Bay Wellness Centre, which is located in downtown Vancouver. Fall, is the perfect time for us to reset our routines. Many people have so much fun in the summer that they find themselves sleeping less, they’re going out seeing their friends a lot more, which means they’re bound to be eating in different ways than they usually do. They may eat a little bit less healthy and with a bit more sugar and alcohol in their choices. So this is the time that we especially love to reset those routines gone awry so that we can finish off the year really healthy and feeling our best selves.

One of the most effective ways that we really love to reset ourselves is by using our 21-Day Cleanse & Detoxification Program. We do this so, so often in our practice and everybody loves it and reports success with it.

Your detoxification process is one of the critical four pillars of health. If you’ve been following along with this summer’s videos and posts on our website and social media, you may have seen the series of videos where we go in depth about each of those pillars of health.

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So this cleanse program is the first step of that detoxification pillar.

The best way for you to get started on this 21- Day Detox Cleanse program is to book in for a consult. That way, we can go into an in in depth healthcare assessment with you to figure out the best route. We want to know all of your symptoms, all of your medical history so that we can help you in the best way that we can.

When we detoxify and cleanse on this program, we are actively removing most toxins from your diet. Every single day we collect toxins in our environment, in our food and in our life.

In the very first step of this program, we want to look at where all of those are coming from and to minimize that. This step removes the most common inflammatory foods in our N. American diet. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for our body to be able to efficiently get rid of those toxins and using our natural elimination processes.

So the first thing that we do when it comes to our food intake, is take out the foods that might be causing allergic reactions or inflammation.

Now, please remember that we are not taking these foods out of your diet forever!

We need to remove them so that we can heal up your gut and your G. I. or gastrointestinal system so that your body has an easier time and is able to more efficiently eliminate your waste and your toxins.

After this three week period we want to help you reintroduce all of those foods. Our goal is always to allow you to eat all foods in moderation.

Also don’t be afraid of the new way you’re going to eat. At Bay Wellness, we have gone to great lengths to add to your enjoyment and provide you with many easy and delicious recipes and to offer many different ways that we can help you never feel at a loss or like you have no food to eat. You should also know that the foods that you do eat on the elimination diet are very normal, healthy whole foods.

You are not going to have to go hunt down or spend on any special food items or ingredients or them down. You can find them on your usual trips to the grocery stores.

Vast and Varied Choices

Expect to enjoy a wide variety of foods that appeal to every taste palate, while we guide you to side step and avoid allergens and irritants to your system.

As you detoxify you’ll select fresh, natural and unprocessed foods such as: high quality protein and nutrients from fish, meats, a long list of permitted vegetables and fruits and recommendations on specific grains, beans, nuts and seeds as well as foods to avoid to promote your body’s ability to cleanse once you reduce the burden of toxins.

We want to make this as easy for you to implement as possible because we see such good results. We know it works very well.

Typically, when our patients follow the 21-Day Detox and Cleanse program, they lose between five and 15 pounds, with men losing up to 20 pounds. They also report improved clarity and energy that is increased and also sustainable all day long. Anxiety is reduced, sleep is better and they experience improved digestion that includes one or more normal bowel movements per day without cramping/pain/bloating.

Now that’s what wellness dreams are made of!

So book in for your consultation today so we can help you get started on your personal fall reset.

Let’s make health your priority.

Book a consultation and we would be happy to go through everything with you and find the best solution for you on your health journey.

If you’re ready to discover how the four pillars approach can improve your health, book with us, today. You’ll find a convenient booking link below or you can call us directly or email us.

At Bay Wellness Centre we provide personalized nutrition and hormone plans and detoxification plans for you so that we can address all of your health concerns in a step-by-step fashion.

In the Four-Pillar Health Series, we address each pillar of health on its own. You’ll get the information that will help you determine the next steps you can begin on your own and also see the larger picture balanced on the four pillars your health is dependent on.

Get our free Ultimate Guide to Managing Menopausal Hormone Imbalances by visiting the Bay Wellness Centre website. You may also like the blogs we have for you and that our patients have told us they love for the reliable information on topics of interest to them.

Ready to make wellness your priority? 

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