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Nutrition: Your First Pillar of Health

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Have you noticed how one meal can make you feel really good, and yet another meal can make you feel bad, low energy, lead to cramping, bloating and unpleasant things happening in the bathroom? That’s what nutrition does for us. It’s can be good and help us heal our bodies and provide us with really good energy or it’s not so good and it’s adding to inflammation and adding to diseases, all growing over time.

Nutrition and how to benefit from it, is what we want to talk about today. Hi, I’m Dr Annie Savage. I’m a naturopathic doctor at Bay Wellness Centre in Vancouver. We are located in downtown Vancouver and we work mostly with women’s health.

We are see patients primarily for hormone balancing, weight loss and stress management in our clinic.

Today, we continue our conversation on the four pillars of health. In our last video I was discussing why the four pillars of health are so important when we treat our patients. We look at each individual as a whole at every single visit to our office and we have seen that it is so, so important that we address all four pillars of health or we don’t get the healing that we want to see.

To refresh us on those four pillars, they are:

  1. nutrition
  2. detoxification
  3. hormones
  4. lifestyle

Our focus today is on nutrition

Food is familiar to all of us. We all have a different relationship with it and we all know that we need to eat to survive. So let’s talk about where we find the pitfalls in our nutrition and where we’re doing really well.

Why do we get confused about nutrition?

There’s tons of information out there on nutrition. It bombards you daily.

Most of it is fad diets. There’s marketing that really tricks us into what we should be eating or what we shouldn’t be eating. Let’s try to simplify it all for you and look at the most essential facts to get you started on a path to health using nutrition.

Nutrition either adds to your health or adds to disease, that’s it. End of story.

Everything you put into your body is affecting your body and for women, nutrition is really affecting our hormone balance as well. So it’s even more important for us to know what we’re putting into our body and why we need to know how our food choices affect us.

Nutrition under the lens of inflammation

Some nutrition adds to the inflammation in our body, whereas other nutrition and foods do not. Other nutrition and foods can, in fact be anti-inflammatory and can do really good things for our body.

Tips for smart shopping for best nutrition

  • So the simplest rule that I can give you is to eat real and whole foods.
  • When you’re in the grocery store, stick to the outer rims. This is where you’re going to find those whole foods – your fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. They are all located on the perimeter of the grocery store.
  • You can make so many meals out of one ingredient foods that you add together to make one meal.
  • Add spices and herbs for more flavor, but simple foods are going to be your best friend.
  • Look for foods without a label without packaging and yes, you might even try for foods without a commercial on TV.

All this will help you get into more of an anti-inflammatory diet very naturally.

The importance of water to your health!

Water is our unsung hero. We need so much water, we need more water than you think. As we are actually made up of 75% water, we need to replace that constantly as humans. Imagine that we are basically plants with a lot of feelings! Or truly juicy water filled cucumbers with a lot of feelings.

We need to rehydrate. So the rule of thumb is to consume half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. For women this ends up being around two liters and for men it ends up being around three liters. Water is your best friend. Please wake up in the morning and start your day with a glass or two of water.

As I said, food is so familiar to all of us, yet in today’s world our choices, lifestyles and schedules can confuse such a basic need and understanding for us.

If you feel like you need more support or help with getting through all the fad diets and the misinformation and the overwhelming amount of information that you can find on nutrition come see us.

Book of consultation and we will build a personalized nutrition plan just for you so that we can focus on your health goals and reduce your inflammation.

We’ll start with that nutrition pillar and then we’ll move into the next ones to get results, together.

Ready to make wellness your priority?

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