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4 Whole Foods For Better Health NOW!

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Eating Whole Foods For Better Health

Focusing your diet on whole foods (not the grocery store) is one of the simplest ways to manage weight.

Whole foods are one-ingredient foods. Examples of this are: chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, quinoa, an apple, etc. Each of these foods are one ingredient and can be paired with other one ingredient foods to create a meal. You can bake a chicken breast, roast some broccoli, and have it with quinoa or sweet potatoes and you’ve got yourself a healthy, delicious and satisfying meal.

Why Eating Whole Foods Is Best For You

Eating whole foods allows you to eat a variety of foods – this ensures that you are consuming all of the macronutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that you need to for optimal health.

When we are consuming a whole foods diet, we are less likely to be consuming fast food and processed foods as well. By focusing on whole foods, and real foods, we are eliminating the junk. Eliminating the junk from our diets removes a lot of inflammation and chemicals.

What About Other Types of Diets?

There are many different diets out there right now, but which one is right for you?

  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

All of these diets have worked for some people, and not for others. Each of them is also excluding food groups, and therefore excluding macro and micro nutrients from the diet. This can put you at risk for developing symptoms or conditions.

Food Sensitivities and Inflammation

Many people are trying to lose weight or better their overall health. One of the major barriers to this is inflammation.

It may not be something that is talked about often, but we need to lower the burden on our body’s to lower the inflammatory response. Consuming foods that you are sensitive or allergic to increases your inflammatory load and makes it that much more difficult for your body to work efficiently. It is also much more difficult to lose weight when you are inflamed. 

Food sensitivities can be tested and removed to lower the inflammatory load and resolve many symptoms.

Another way to remove sensitivities and treat inflammation is to remove the most common food allergens that are known. At Bay Wellness Centre, we have developed a protocol that enables us to do this. At the same time we can treat the digestive system for true healing. Check out our 21-day cleanse program.

Simple Foods For Weight Loss

Citrus Fruit

Did you know that citrus fruit can be used to flavour your food? Ideally, when you’re in the middle of a summer diet, you want to eat foods that taste good, yet won’t weigh you down. Plus, they need to be very flavourful. Some of the best options include chicken topped with some lemon or lime juice or zest (taken from the peel). Plus, you can put chunks of citrus fruit into the water in order to make a tasty, sugar-free summer beverage. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel, and the more weight that you’ll lose, since you aren’t replacing calories with sugary beverages.


Sometimes, you want light dishes in the summertime. A salad is a perfect option. Salad can be low in calories and a satisfying meal. Try using roasted vegetables with your raw salads to increase satiety!

Fresh Vegetables

Summer is the best time for fresh vegetables. Many of them, such as broccoli, green beans, and Brussels sprouts can all be steamed and then used as a side dish to your meals.


You’ll need some protein to go with the many fruits and vegetables that you’ve been eating. Sure, there are options like beans, mushrooms, and nuts that contain plenty of protein, but none of them compare to shrimp. These crustaceans are not only tasty, but they are light. They won’t give you that weighed down feeling that you can get from red meat. Plus, depending on how they’re prepared, many people find them to be quite refreshing.

At Bay Wellness Centre, we offer programs for weight loss and healthy living.