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The #1 Way That Hydration (or Dehydration) Affects You

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Hydration and Why It’s So Important

Have you heard that you’re supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day?

It might sound like a lot of water to you, especially if you only dink 1-2 glasses per day. But you’re 60% water – the brain and heart are 73% water, the lungs are 83% water, and skin is 64% water (according to the USGS).

Let’s break this down.

If you weigh 200lbs, you should be drinking 100oz of water every day, that would be 2.9L or 12 cups per day. You could also drink 1 cup of water per hour for all the hours that you’re awake.

Keep reading to learn some strategies to increase your water consumption naturally!

Water Bottles

We’ve found that the easiest way to consume at least 3L of water per day is to have a 1-Litre water bottle with the times on it to show you how much you should be drinking per hour.

water bottle hydration This water bottle is 1 L and has the times on both sides so that you know to drink 1L from 8am to 12pm, and 1L from 1pm to 6pm.

Outside of drinking this whole water bottle twice per day, you can drink 6 more glasses to bring you to 3L per day. Or fill it up a third time!

You can get this water bottle here. Once you start using it, you’ll notice that you feel more motivated to drink your water… kind of like the water bottle is taunting you.


Water Reminder

Already have a water bottle? No problem. There are other devices that you can try to remind you to drink your water!

ulla water hydration Attach this Ulla Smart Hydration reminder to your water bottle and it will light up to remind you to drink your water!

There are also multiple apps that you can download on your phone to remind you to drink water throughout the day!


Many people say ” I can’t drink more water, I have to pee too often, who has time for that?!” When you increase your water consumption, at first you’ll probably notice that you do urinate more frequently than you were – but this doesn’t last forever. You should also increase your water consumption slowly over time so that you aren’t running to the bathroom.

***Don’t try and chug 2 L of water when you get home from work before you go to bed, that will definitely increase your urination at night (and no body wants that).

Minerals For Improved Hydration

You should know that if you drink filtered water, especially reverse osmosis filtered water, you may be losing minerals and this can lead to the feeling of dehydration, even when you drink enough water.

To replace the minerals in filtered water, you can add them back in using a Santevia stick, or a countertop filter. mineral hydration for water

We notice that people feel more hydrated when drinking water with added minerals to it, even if they’re drinking filtered water.

Our patients also report feeling less body pain, and faster recovery from workouts when adding minerals back into their water.






Why Hydration is So Important

Now maybe you’re thinking, but why is this important? Can I just drink coffee or juice for the same hydration?

No. You can’t. In fact, you need to be careful when drinking liquids, and think about whether they are dehydrating or a diuretic (increases urination).

Coffee has been a hot topic for hydration. Some school of thought is that coffee is dehydrating and a diuretic and that you must replace the cups of coffee that you drink with another cup of water. While other schools of thought are that coffee isn’t quite as dehydrating as we once thought! If you’re only having 1 cup of coffee, and 3 L of water, you’ll remain hydrated.

Alcohol = always dehydrating

Remember, you’re basically a cucumber with feelings. You need a lot of water so that your body can work optimally!

The WHO has even completed a report on the negative effects that drinking demineralized water has on our health. Have a look at the main reasons below:

  • There is a direct effect on the intestinal mucous membrane, metabolism and mineral homeostasis and other body functions.
  • There is little or no intake of calcium or magnesium from low-mineral water.
  • There is low intake of other essential elements and micro-elements from low-mineral water.
  • There is loss of calcium, magnesium and other essential elements in prepared food.
  • There is a possible increase of dietary intake of toxic metals from low-mineral water.

Every body process requires water!

Positive Effects of Proper Hydration

  • Your skin will appear healthier, smoother, and younger
  • Your eyes, nose and throat will be moist, and will not be dry or itchy
  • Your digestion will be smoother and more efficient. Bowel movements will be more regular, and easier to pass. You’ll notice that you’re less hungry when you drink enough water.
  • You will experience less headaches and body pain. Water hydrates all of our tissue, including joints.

For acute hydration, we can also administer nutrient IV’s!

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