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Bay Wellness Centre’s Naturopath Stresses Women’s Care at Holidays

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‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry and The Bay Wellness Centre’s naturopathic doctors in the heart of downtown Vancouver have a special message for women at the holidays:  I’m Annie Savage, one of the naturopathic doctors, and we see women edge towards burnout every year at this time. Because we work mainly with women in our naturopathic practice, we get a very close up and personal look into the busy lives of working moms, professional women and women juggling any combination of school, careers and family care often ahead of their personal health. It’s in the run up to the holiday season when women really notice how bad they feel. 

Could this be you or a woman you know? 

As women we tend to focus on all the tasks in our circle of responsibilities. These include doing things for our friends, our family, and our workplace. In addition, for many of us there are children and spouses whose immediate needs we care for. 

What’s the bottom line result common to most women?   

We end up putting ourselves farther down the priorities on our ‘to do list.’  And, as the holiday season piles on more activities that we need to do, that’s often the time women may start to feel under the weather. 

It might look like this for you:  

You start to get low energy 

  • Maybe you feel brain fog and you just don’t feel as good.  
  • We know you need to reserve some of your energy resources. You want to be able to take care of yourself, fill up their cup, and get back into fulfilling all of those responsibilities and tasks, but still feel great while doing it! 

You suffer from information overload 

  • Who hasn’t gone Googling and gotten way too much information from experts, from doctors from all sorts of different people. Many have conflicting advice, so it can get very confusing. 
  • A lot of people experience this information overload and then they go into an action paralysis – meaning they do nothing. They get overwhelmed so they don’t start on the job of reclaiming their health and energy at all. 

It’s why the naturopathic doctors at Bay Wellness Centre aim to support women in all stages of their working life. We want to take the guesswork out of your health solution for you. 

We’ve designed a program that’s an A-B-C 1-2-3 Step Wise way that we work with our patients. So, you get personalized information and education that you need about yourself and your health. 

Then you’ll know the action to take based on a scientific step by step care of your body systems so that it fuels your energy and supports what you have planned in life for yourself, your family and your work.   

What’s our biggest message to women this season?  

Our message is our mission – to have you get back to basics and improve your health. Overall, we want you to choose yourselves. Put yourself first so that you can feel your best and reach your true potential. 

It is indeed the season to eat, drink and be merry – and we invite you to read how you can enjoy it all in a healthy and delicious way on our blog:  3 Insider Tips on How to Achieve Healthy Eating Easily  

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Isn’t it time to make health your priority?  

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