Most Commonly Asked Questions Surrounding Botox Injections

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Bay Wellness is a Naturopathic Clinic in downtown Vancouver, BC offering effective, evidence-based therapies that stimulate the body’s own natural processes to heal and repair. Our Naturopathic Doctors, who primarily focus on pain management, women’s health, and medical esthetics, determine treatment plans based on each individual’s needs. We would like to share some common questions people ask about Botox injections.

Will Botox injections change the way my face looks?

If you do a lot of Botox injections, and a lot of units at a time, it is possible to change the shape and look of your face. However, when doing conservative, low dose injections with Botox, you do not change the shape and look of your face.

What are the side effects of Botox injections?

The most common side effect from Botox injections are bruising at the injection sites, and a headache. Bruising from injections lasts 3-10 days, and Botox injections use a very small needle so the bruising should be very small and minimal. Headaches from Botox injection are also common, but not long lasting, typically less than 24 hours. Some people are allergic to Botox and can develop an allergic reaction to the injection (redness, swelling, fever).

What is “1 unit” in regards to Botox?

Botox units are arbitrarily assigned at the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of getting Botox injections?
• The most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment
• No downtime
• Smooth skin and anti-aging effects
• Affordable natural results
• Results last up to 3 months

How long is a Botox appointment?

Typically, a Botox appointment is 10-15 minutes, with a short consult and the injections.

Do Botox injections hurt?

No, there is very little discomfort. The needle used for Botox injections is very small, and the injections are typically done quickly.

Do you numb the skin before doing Botox injections?

No, this is typically not necessary.

Can you get Botox injections if you’re pregnant?

Although there is no evidence to show that Botox injections can affect the fetus, it is not recommended to get Botox injections while pregnant.

What if I don’t like the results of Botox injections?

If you don’t like the results of your Botox injections, just wait until it wears off. The results of Botox injections wear off within 3 months.

How often should I get Botox injections?

Botox injections can last up to 3 months, so you can get mini “top ups” within that time frame, or wait longer between appointments.

What areas can I get Botox injections?

• Forehead
• Crow’s feet
• Glabella (between the eyebrows)
• Upper lip (for a “gummy smile”)

What will Botox injections do to my skin?

Botox injections will smooth out fine lines on the skin, reduces the formation of new wrinkles and make skin appear more youthful.

Will Botox injections work on deep wrinkles?

Botox injections will lessen deep wrinkles slightly, and stop the wrinkles from getting deeper. Deep wrinkles may need to be treated with a combination of Botox injections and filler.