Microcurrent And Micro-impulse Facials

Stimulate Your Skin’s Own Collagen with a Micro-current and Micro-impulse Facial at Bay Wellness Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver.

Our microcurrent and micro-impulse facials lift up your skin with instantly visible results and zero downtime. A microcurrent facial gives off very low currents which repair skin and stimulate your skin’s own collagen and elasticity production. This treatment is also sometimes called Facial Fitness. In addition to the microcurrent, we utilizing electronic micro-impulses to open up the skin’s pores to absorb up to 70ml our natural and organic corrective formulations directly into the dermis. This acts as a virtual electronic syringe and provides proven results like those of mesotherapy and micro-needling without the painful injections or any downtime. This technology enables us to fill lines, reduce wrinkles, decrease pigmentation and even stretch marks. It can also be used for acne, rosacea, hair growth, cellulite and skin firming.

Microcurrent Facials should be avoided in those who have pacemakers, any metal implants and during pregnancy. Patients with epilepsy may also want to avoid this treatment.

No contraindications are seen with the combination use of Botox or fillers. We recommend waiting at least 48hrs between treatments.

The number of sessions depends on the client’s age and skin condition. The effects of the microcurrent are immediate and cumulative. Clients go through a series of treatments followed by regular maintenance to keep a more youthful appearance.

The following are general and approximate guidelines for frequency of treatment:

20 – 30 years old: Preventative, to slow down the aging process
30 – 35 years old: Initial series of 6, once per week, Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
35 – 40 years old: Initial series of 8-10, once to twice per week, Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
40 – 50 years old: Initial series of 10-12, once to twice per week, Maintenance every 4-6 weeks
50 – 60 years old: Initial series of 12-15, once to twice per week, Maintenance every 4-6 weeks
60 plus years old: Initial series of 15-18, ideally twice per week, Maintenance every 4 weeks
Perfect for special occasions or a quick pick-me-up for an instant lift.

Additional benefits to microcurrent and micro-impulse treatments:

• Improved muscle tone in the face and neck
• Improved circulation
• Cleared or reduced acne
• Lift jowels and eyebrows
• Lymphatic drainage
• Sun damage treatment
• Skin pigmentation improvement
• Smoother, firmer skin
• Hydrated and revitalized skin
• Improved elasticity