IV Therapy

Nutritional IV’s are a treatment used to correct intracellular nutritional deficiencies. IV’s can be more effective than oral supplementation since the solution is injected directly into the intravenous system, bypassing the digestive system, which if not working optimally can block the absorption of nutrients. The IV’s can be tailored to individual needs such as fatigue, colds and flu’s, adrenal insufficiency, symptoms of malabsorption, chronic disease, detoxification, anxiety, depression and many more.

What to expect…

  • A nutritional IV is prepared based on your specific need
  • Once the IV is administered the drip time can vary from 1 to 2 hours or a lower dose solution can be administered as an “IV Push” over 20-30 minutes
  • IV therapy has a high safety profile and side effects are minimal but may include tenderness or bruising at injection site