How Does IV Therapy Fit in the 4 Pillars of Health?

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The four pillars of health are nutrition, detoxification, hormones and exercise. At Bay Wellness Naturopathic Clinic in downtown Vancouver, we address each of these pillars when we are treating our patients with the programs that we have developed. Almost all of our programs also include nutrient IV’s, and that is because IV’s have many benefits and allow us to address many symptoms and conditions at once. Since these IV’s are 100% bioavailable, we are able to increase the patients’ nutrient status very quickly and efficiently. We are bypassing the first pass metabolism of the digestive tract, allowing the vitamins and minerals to get directly to the cells quickly. We consider nutrient IV’s to be a part of the detoxification pillar and the nutrition pillar. Occasionally, after the this treatment we can do a glutathione push. Glutathione is the major antioxidant in the body; think of it as the little garbage man that goes around cleaning up the toxins and debris. Increasing glutathione in the body increases the body’s ability to metabolize the toxins, foods and hormones that it encounters on a daily basis.

Are there different cocktails for IV’s?

Nutrient IV’s are tailored to the individual person and condition. For example, we are able to add amino acids for athletic recovery, or increased lysine to treat herpes outbreaks. We build the IV’s specifically for each patient, typically starting with a base of normal saline and then adding in each individual vitamin, mineral and amino acid based on their needs at the time of their appointment.

What conditions does IV therapy treat?

Nutrient IV’s are fantastic in treating many conditions because we are addressing the intracellular nutrient status. As mentioned above, we are bypassing the digestive tract and getting the nutrients directly in to the cell where they are needed most.

Some conditions that nutrient IV’s are helpful in treating:

Acute colds and flus
Chronic muscle pain
Some specific subsets of depressed patients, anxiety
Fatigue and Chronic fatigue syndromes, Fibromyalgia
Chronic digestive concerns such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease or SIBO leading to malabsorption
Chronic infectious sinusitis
Asthma, chronic hives
Chronic Infections of viral, fungal or bacterial origin
Withdrawal from narcotics, antidepressants, benzodiazepines
Migraine headaches
Parkinson’s Disease
Diabetic peripheral neuralgia
Improving athletic performance and recovery after strenuous exercise

What are the side effects of IV’s?

The side effects of nutrient IV’s are typically very positive. They include increased energy, reduced pain, improved stress management and improved sleep quality. Occasionally patients can taste the vitamins while the IV is being administered or can experience a feeling of euphoria. There is a possibility of a small bruise at the injection site as well.