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21-Day Cleanse Program


This program consists of a 21-Day Elimination Diet and metabolic cleanse that has been designed and implemented by naturopathic physicians. This program will educate you on how to minimize toxins and chemicals you are exposed to on a regular basis and engage you in depuration activities that will optimize and enhance the detoxification functions of your digestive organs.

Dr. Annie Savage and Dr. Megan Maycher are naturopathic physicians working from Vancouver, BC. In their physical practice they treat mostly women's health and medical aesthetics. During their years in school and in practice they have learned how important it is to begin with a clean slate.

They have found that by doing this 21-Day Cleanse Program with their patients, they can resolve a lot of

symptoms relatively quickly, and use less vitamins, supplements and medications in the long run.
As naturopathic physicians, they are trained as primary care physicians (just like conventional medical doctors), although their approach is usually different. Naturopathic physicians are trained to see the body as a whole, with all symptoms acting as messengers to be heard. They always aim to treat the root cause of the symptom and condition so that healing can be long-lasting!
This 21-Day Cleanse is a great starting place to begin your healing journey. It won't resolve all of your symptoms but it will begin the healing process.
Module 1Introduction
Unit 1The 21-Day Cleanse Jumpstart Program Instructions
Module 2Phase 1
Unit 1Lesson #1: Foods to Avoid
Unit 2Lesson #2: Foods to Consume
Unit 3Lesson #3: Hidden Ingredient List
Unit 4Lesson #4: Tips and Resources
Unit 5Lesson #5: FAQ
Module 3Phase 2
Unit 1Lesson #1: Meeting Your Nutritional Needs
Unit 2Lesson #2: 21-Day Meal Plan and Recipes
Module 4Phase 3
Unit 1Lesson #1: The Food Challenge
Unit 2Lesson #2: Suggested Reintroduction of Eliminated Foods
Unit 3Lesson #3: Symptom Tracker Diary